cant receive calls or texts

  • 25 March 2020
  • 3 replies

I just moved to ID mobile. My phone worked fine. Then I ported over my old number. Since then I can make calls and texts but i can't receive them. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy A10

3 replies

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Hi @JPG,

This doesn’t sound good! When did you port the number over to us? It can take up to 48-hours for services to be fully moved across so if it’s within that time, you would be best to wait until then and restart your device a few times in the meantime.


Hi Ryan.  

I gave my PAC on Saturday night. By Tuesday lunch I was able to make call and send texts, and they were showing as my old number ‐ ie port was successful. But ever since then,  I still haven't been able to receive calls or texts. If someone tries to call me the call goes to voicemail and they hear a message from Tesco Mobile (my former provider).

Strangely, I  found today that one person can actually send texts to me and they get through. The rest still can't though. I have been trying to find out what his provider is but he hasn't yet replied.




I have checked,  and the one person who is able to text to this mobile is also on I'd mobile.