Help required: Replacement SIM - no incoming calls or texts

  • 27 August 2020
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I have received a replacement SIM following an upgrade, popped it in the phone and activated it via the website. Allowed 24 hrs to pass. I can make outgoing calls and send texts to other people (and they receive them with my correct number/caller id), but I cannot receive any incoming mobile network calls or texts. If I try to call my mobile from another phone, I get a “This number is not recognised” message. If I text myself, the message sends, but I don’t receive the message.

48 hrs have now passed since I put the new SIM in and activated it. To clarify, when I call others, my number is displayed correctly on the recipient’s phone. If they try to call me back, they get the “number not recognised” message. I have reset the phone several times. I’ve switched in and out of flight mode and tried it in different parts of the city. I have powered it down. I have reseated the SIM. I’ve checked coverage and have made several successful outgoing calls - I’m just not recognised if anyone dials my number.

This is my work phone and none of my clients are able to call me at the moment. I’m currently on nights, which means the live chat facility is not much help at the moment.

2 replies

Dear iDMobile support staff

I do not appear to have had any response from you. I’ll give you another 24 hours to connect with me, a customer of over 5 years before I take my business elsewhere. Why so short? This is now day 3 and it is affecting my work. You are uncontactable by phone (apart from an automated, unhelpful service) and your live chat function on the website is consistently unavailable.

Are you willing to help a customer here? I have exhausted all of my self-fix options. All of your help articles advise posting a message on this community site, which I have done. This is my first visit here and my experience so far is comparable to a rather empty echo chamber. Is this actually a serious platform for customer service?

In short, I am currently paying for a service that you are not delivering. I am already looking at alternative providers.

Once more, I am inviting you to contact me and resolve this matter as I am unable contact you.

The ball is firmly in your court. It’s your move.

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Sincerely sorry for catching this one late here @Flaming Physicist

Have you recently ported a number at all?  Or have you simply just had a replacement SIM? 

We’ll need to take a look at your account so that we can take a further look into this, so we’ve sent you a private message here so that we can assist further.