No number on SIM card

  • 16 August 2019
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I've just received a new SIM card from ID. I've inserted the card and restarted my Android phone. The SIM is identified and connects to the ID network, there appears to be a connection but there is no number displayed in the phone settings and 'Unknown' is displayed. Service state is 'In service' and the Signal Strength @118 dBm 22 asu' and Mobile data network type is 'IWLAN'. Mobile network is @disconnected'.

I can't use the SIM to make calls I can't register an online account without the number.

Not sure what to do with this.

2 replies

Update: the SIM is now fully functional and I can text and make call. The SIM phone number is not displayed in the the phones settings.
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Hi @RichardM,

I'm happy to see that this was sorted out in the end. Sometimes, a phone will either display your current number within the settings, the number that came with the SIM card or not display anything at all; it's a bit hit and miss and it's down to how the phone reads the SIM card.