Order could not go through due a call back

  • 17 September 2020
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I tried to order two phones, as I could not order 2 phones under one account I had to buy two phones separately. My partner was able to order his but when he used his card to order my phone in a different name, it would not go through because of the difference of names apparently on the account and the card payment. Therefore I received a message saying ID should call me to rectify this. I do not want to order again in-case two payments come out and I have still not received a call from ID mobile. Pretty annoyed that I can not get through to anybody to speak to an actual human and first impressions of this network are not great!!

2 replies

how else can I get help with this or do I have to wait for a call back… which I may never get.

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Hello @annoyedcustomer,

sorry to hear this has happened.

Have you tried speaking to our Live Chat Team at all to see if they can sort this? We can’t process sales from this platform unfortunately.