porting in issues

  • 15 July 2020
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I’ve just joined ID from O2 and am porting in my old number. I’ve received a message today  to say that it has been done successfully but sent text messages from my new phone, show up as the number I received with my phone and not the ported in number. If I try to call my ported in number from my new phone, it goes straight to voicemail, suggesting that the number has been ported in for calls but not text messages. I am also experiencing problems with some text messages not sending and others showing as not being sent, but being received 2 or 3 times by the person I’ve messaged. O2 have confirmed the number has gone over but it only seems to be partly ported. A previous post on here suggested contacting live chat, but thats not available and calling customer services just results in a recorded message. Not the best first impression following my switch. Can anyone help me please? 

1 reply

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Hi there @Frustrated1 

Have you restarted the phone at all since the number ported?  That sometimes helps with things like this.

If it’s an iPhone you’re using.  You may need to go to Settings > Profile (top option) > Then ensure there that the correct number is held by your iPhone there and not the temporary number you had from us.

Let us know how you get on there.