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  • 16 March 2018
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When you join us from another network, you’ll probably want to keep your old mobile number.

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. We’ve made it really easy for you. Just follow these simple steps, and its job done!

Don’t know your PAC from your STAC? We’ve explained the differences between these two things below


What is the difference between a PAC and a STAC

Your PAC is a code that lets you bring your mobile from one network to iD Mobile when you switch to us your old account with your previous network will disconnect.

A STAC is a code that’ll get you a brand-new number on iD Mobile and your old account and number with your previous provider will disconnect when you switch.


How do I get my PAC or STAC?


  • PAC

If you want to keep your mobile number and move to iD Mobile simply text

PAC and send it to 65075

Its totally free and will also include important information about any early termination charges or pay-as-you-go credit balances

Reminder: you will have 30 days in which to provide your PAC to us


  • STAC

If you don’t need to keep your number and want to move to iD Mobile simple text

STAC and send it to 75075

Again, its totally free and will also include important information about any early termination charges or pay-as-you-go credit balances

Reminder: you will have 30 days in which to provide your STAC to us


Once you have the relevant code, you can enter it either through the iD Mobile app following the below steps or through our website here

Step 1. Log in
Log in to your app or ‘My Account’.

Step 2. Go to services
Log in to your app or ‘My Account’. Click ‘Services’ at the bottom of your app screen or ‘My Services’ on the left of your ‘My Account’ homepage.

Step 3. Go to ‘Keep my number’
Select 'Transfer my number' in the ‘Keep my number’ section of the app.

Step 4. Enter your PAC and Submit
Enter the mobile number that you want to keep using, and your PAC code. Then press 'Submit'.

That’s all there is to it. Your number should be transferred within 1-2 working days, depending on the time of day you submitted your request. If it was after 5.30pm, it takes 2 working days.

Please note: porting in doesn't interrupt your iD Mobile connection. You can use it as normal while we process your request.

If you’ve got a question, ask below. Or if you’ve got any handy ‘keep my number’ tips of your own, feel free to share.

22 replies

I have just received my phone and sim today. I registered for an account on your website as instructed. I then went to SERVICES but rather than seeing the option to port my number in I get the following message

Keep My Number.
Sorry, your port-in request can't be submitted at the moment. Please try again later.

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Hello @suet71,

Sorry to hear you had issues with porting your number.

Have you since tried again, it's possible the portal was down at the time which is why the port request couldn't be submitted.

Can you try again and let me know if you're still having an issue?

Be sure you're using a PAC code that hasn't expired and ensure you're entering this correctly.

We may need to look into this further if this doesn't work.

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Once I submit the porting request I obviously want to put my old SIM back in so people can contact me. Does the fact that my ID Mobile SIM is not in use interfere with the porting process at all?
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Hello @rshales007,

The usage of the SIM, whether it's in use or not, shouldn't affect the completion of the port.

Your port will complete on it's expected date. You may have issues with coverage on the day it's being processed but that's just because it's being swapped over.

Please note: porting in doesn't interrupt your iD Mobile connection. You can use it as normal while we process your request. THIS IS NOT MY EXPERIENCE !
I requested that my old mobile number be "ported" on the 24th august, which ID mobile’s website states will take a maximum of 2-3 working days. 3 days later my old number was “semi –ported” so that when making an outgoing call to someone, their phone would show that they had received a call from this old number. However if they tried to ring that number the call would not go through, and they would just be told that the number was not in service. In fact I have not been able to receive ANY CALLS either on my new id mobile phone number or my old number for more than 2 WEEKS ! I have wasted countless hours on the phone ringing day after day about the problem only to receive polite but empty apologies and assurances from their South African call centre that the matter would be sorted out by the end of the day. In fact nothing whatsoever has ever been done. I am self employed so with customers not being able to contact me, as well as friends and family, my life is being severely damaged. And I can’t just leave and move to another provider because the number that all my customers and friends know is stuck in a crazy limbo with ID mobile.
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Hi @Chris Glennie,

This definitely isn't normal and we would require this to be looked into in more detail. I will send you a PM now of how best to contact us so we can investigate your issue further.

My daughter is having problems porting her number. Did everything as requested, however whenever she contacts me the temp ID number comes up, and this is what is showing in her phone settings. But if I call it then the number says not recognised. So it seems I have to text on the ID temp number but call her on the number she ported in????? Her previous provider has confirmed the number has gone over but it only seems to be partly ported. Please can you help?
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Hey @beboo,

I'm sorry to hear what has happened, it does sound strange. We would you to contact us to have this sorted and you can do this by chatting to our Live Chat team here.

If the account is in your daughters name, it will need to be herself that contacts us.

What happens if your ID contract is coming to an end and you want to switch to sim only with ID. My understaning is you get a new number with the new sim. There doesn't seem to be an option to keep the old number , only if you are coming from a different provider
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Hi @mhurley,

Once you are out of contract, you can view your plan change options through our iD Mobile App or online account where you'll be able to choose either another handset plan or a SIM only plan. Using this method will mean you'll keep your iD mobile number.

Have you already made a purchase of a new SIM only contract?

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Can a member of the team please consider adding these words or similar to the first post content of this thread. I feel it could help with the porting process and may resolve a few issues, although not that important, it could however make for sound advise for some members.

"If during the day of the port you experience any loss of services or other odd issues, please turn the mobile off and then back on again"
I've tried for a week now to have my original phone number restored to ID WITHOUT ANY PROGRESS.

Every time I call customer service my query is passed along from department to department. I have been put on hold for what is now hours with every call ending 'this will be resolved by end of tomorrow' but no such action. After a week of not being able to contact colleagues, family and friends, when deciding to just have the contract cancelled, I realised that as my mobile is now in limbo, I do not want to risk losing it.

This has been severely inconveniencing, please advise me on what I can do.
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Hi MaanaS,

We've popped you a message with how best to get in touch with us so we can look into this issue further for you.

I have a new sim on the way, and want to transfer my old number over'obviously I do this in my account or via app.When I attempt to set up new account it asks for number(of new sim) or old number if I've transferred it over.Now I obviously can't transfer my old number until I've gained access to my account, so my question is, do I set up the account with the new number, then transfer over my old number, which will then replace the number sent with sim?
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Hi @didger2007,

Great to hear that your SIM is on the way.

If you would like to create your iD Mobile account you would need to do this with the iD Mobile number which you have ordered.

Once you have registered your account you can then start the process of transferring your old number to iD.

I hope this helps.


What time should it be done by my old sim stop working completely but on my I’d mobile when I call people it’s still using the Id mobile number and not my number also same when people call me
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Hi @Chris250,

When you port your number it can take 24-48 hours, when did you process the port in?

Firstly after 24 hours I would advise to restart the handset and try getting somebody to call both numbers to see what happens. Once you have tried calling the original number and the ported in number please let us know what happens so we can get to the bottom of this.

Why have I had the same problem as Suet71 with the app saying "Sorry, your port-in request can't be submitted at the moment. Please try again later."

This has occurred since yesterday evening. However only a few minutes before attempting to port my number on my phone app, my husband was able to do the correct PAC porting process without any problems with the submission on his mobile app?

This is very pathetic as far as I am concerned. Especially as live chat agents are not available.
So (after 40mins on call to get through to customer service), I've got an answer to the problem with "Sorry, your port-in request can't be submitted at the moment. Please try again later" message. They say that because I toggled to option to not use premium line features on the IdMobile app, it now blocks any further line changes until that change has taken place!!! So another 24-48hr before can submit PAC port request. I am not betting money on it working. I said that there is a problem with the app that it does not inform you of a conflict of being able to make changes instantly without a knock-on problem. But the customer service lady kindly informed me that there is not a problem that needs fixing.
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Hi @SeeBeeID,

I am sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with submitting your PAC code online; it usually is a simple process that works very effectively. If you can contact us directly and we'll take a look into this further for you.


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My number has not been changed over to my new ID sim only sim when I made the request on Thursday, when can I expect it to be changed over?