• 5 June 2019
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How can you change your voicemail greeting back to the default automated one?

2 replies

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Hi @alexwayne,

If you dial 123 to access your voicemail service, you should be able to follow the spoken menu to the greetings section. From here, you can amend your greeting settings.

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Hi welcome to the ID mobile community

Setting a voicemail message is easy as 1-2-3

Further into the menu system please do not set voicemail greetings or personal greeting or record your name for the system (system name greeting message). This is the one everyone hears before your voicemail message, usually set as your name.
Once you have recorded one of these personal greetings, there is no way to default this other than recording something else. Basically when someone calls, you get NAME can't take your call right now or NAME is busy. NAME being the personal greeting name you recorded.

Defaulting the voicemail message is simples, however I cannot see a way to even cancel a system name greeting message once you set one, all the menus take me round in circles to record another one.

Anyway to default the system name greeting !???

Sussed this one by recording NOTHING and pressing the Hash # key
Sounds odd hearing blank.....can't take your call right now

So ultimately is it at all possible to rest voicemail messages and all greetings back to the default ones?