Active a sim

  • 26 December 2018
  • 5 replies

I've ordered a new SIM card as my last one was lost but I need to active it

5 replies

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Welcome to the ID Community,

Activating a replacement SIM.

If you’ve got a replacement SIM because your old one was lost, stolen, damaged or the wrong size, click on the webchat button below to speak to one of our Live Chat agents. Tell them you’d like to process a SIM swap, and they’ll happily take you through the process.
Please have your account details and SIM card number to hand (see ‘Your SIM card number’ below for details on how to find it).

Click on the web chat button in the below link:

My SIM card number

What is my replacement SIM card number

Sorry, I mean where is my new phone number located

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Hi @Nicola1985# 

If you have been sent a replacement sim, the mobile number for the sim will be on the sim card pack you will have received. Are you trying to activate the new sim you have received so you can do a sim swap?