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  • 2 April 2024
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Does the sim only phones. I want to put it in a Wi-Fi device 

2 replies

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Hey there @LauraBinnion, welcome to Community!


We only officially support our SIM cards in handsets, and you can find the list of supported handsets below:


Therefore, usage of our SIM cards in anything other than the approved handsets above may or may not work essentially. We can’t advise if it will work in a Wi-Fi device for example without yourself trying it, but we also won’t recommend this as it’s not officially supported. You would have a returns period from ordering from us if it didn’t work, so could always try, and contact us for a return if it doesn’t


But again, we don’t officially support it, so it’s not something we really recommend, but something that may indeed work also.


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Hi @LauraBinnion 


There have been users that are able to put an iD Mobile SIM card in a device such as a router and it’s worked for them, however we don’t officially support such a device and would only recommend usage of our SIM in devices found in the supported devices list.




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