New app - unable to re-register

  • 12 May 2024
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I’m attempting to re-register for the new app. However something seems to go wrong on step 5 (outlined here).  At first I assumed I just mistyped but after attempts 2 → 5 seems like it’s something else. Example:

Entered into the registration: 

Can’t really figure out what I can do to resolve, only idea I have is perhaps it’s also checking the previous data I entered and part of that doesn’t match which is causing an error.


As an aside it feels so weird having to “re-register” for an account I’ve had for 4+ years, ID seriously couldn’t migrate the account level information some better way? 

4 replies

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I'm also having this problem, tried 3 codes and none recognised.  That was after having to join a queue. The new login requirement is confusing.

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Oh I just saw the banner message "🔧 Customer notice: Email one time passwords are not working for some customers." so what's the workaround, or just wait?

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Hi @AndyX2Pro & @Rbayliss 


We believe this issue is now resolved, please try again soon.




Just gone through all this rigmarole for what? No communication re. a new app or having to re-register, what a nonsense. I certainly haven’t loaded a new app, seemless transition, I think not and glad i’m only on a monthly contract, actively looking for alternative provider.