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No sim card

  • 13 October 2021
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Just bought a new Google Pixel phone from Carphone warehouse and it's all set up but phone says there's No SIM Card and No Service. I've tried all the tips on your website and also activated the new SIM  box under My Services but can't get it to work. Can you help please.

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9 replies

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Hello @Paulr,

Are you a new iD Mobile customer - did you get a new SIM with the phone from Carphone Warehouse?

Or, did you already have an iD SIM card, which you’ve popped into your new phone?



I have been an ID customer for a few years and bought a new phone from Carphone Warehouse/Currys today. They gave me a new sim card , with same mobile phone number, which they put into my new phone (switched from Samsung phone to Google Pixel phone) and I went onto the ID website to activate the new SIM card. They said it should be activated in about 30mins and I'd receive an email, or text message,  with confirmation code number. So far I've had not had any message from them and sim card is still not working.

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Thanks @Paulr, can you put your old iD SIM in your new phone?

Did Currys/Carphone Warehouse advise the new iD SIM you were given needed activation?

If you can’t use your old SIM in your new phone, it’ll probably be quickest to go back to the store and ask them to fix it - I hope they can.

Otherwise you could try the Live Chat service between 9am and 8pm weekdays - to speak with an iD agent, just type “talk to a person” once you’re connected on the chat. This will avoid the annoying 24/7 chat-bot.

Anyway, good luck.

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If you can’t get your old iD SIM (from your Samsung) working in the new phone, have another go at activating the new iD SIM here.

I hope you get this sorted @Paulr - good luck.

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Hi @Paulr,

I am sorry to hear about this issue. If the phone states ‘No SIM card’ then it might be having trouble recognising that one has been inserted; this may indicate an issue with the SIM reader inside the phone. Do you still have the old SIM card to test inside the new phone?

Also, as suggested, please try the new SIM card in the other phone and if it still does not work, then we can help further if you let us know.

If the SIM card does work then this may mean the Google phone is faulty and we’d suggest heading to the Currys store for assistance.


Thanks Ryan. I did swap the SIM cards over but it made no difference and tried to activate it again this morning but no luck. So if looks like I'm going to have to take it back to the shop.

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Hi @Paulr,


Did you manage to try them both in a different handset sorry?



Hi. All I could do was swap them back to old phone as no other phones available. I spoke online to ID Customer Services who couldn't sort out the problem and will send me a new SIM card. I also went back to Carphone Warehouse/Currys who advised me that the new SIM card would sort out the problem. Thanks for your help.


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Hi @Paulr 


Thanks for the updates, please do get back in contact if you require any further help. 





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