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  • 26 November 2020
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Hi, please could you let me know when my number will be transferred across? 

I submitted the PAC on Monday this week but it's still not happened.

Thank you 

Ah it's just gone through no worries now!

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Hi @Rgorman 

The number port takes around 24-48 hours. Has the number still not been ported over today?


Witam,w poprzednim tygodniu przeslalam wszystkie potrzebne informacje na temat przeniesienia mojego starego numeru sieci id mobile.Otrzymalam sms ze dane sa niepoprawne,wiec przeslalam jeszcze raz,i do dnia dzisiejszego jest cisza.Co mam teraz zrobic,aby przeniesc moj stary numer do sieci id mobile?Prosze o pomoc.

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I am new to ID, having moved over last week.


I never realised porting a number was such hard work. My number has not moved over and is currently appearing recognisable. 


ID forums seem plagued with this issue.


I am still within my initial trial phase and thinking about leaving ID but now fear I will also loose my mobile number, which is over 14 years old!


Any way I can stop this process and recover my number and leave ID? If it ain't happening for people for over a week, I am barely 48 hours outside of the window where it should have been done.



I would imagine that if you’ve ported your number and your old sim is now dead/not working then your number is with ID and until they sort out the problems you wouldn’t be able to cancel and get your number back.  

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Hello @Rgorman 

We are very sorry for the delay with your number port, due to an issue early in the week with our systems, number ports have been delayed.

We do have a team working through all port in requests as we speak.

You will receive a text message once your number has ported over successfully.



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