PAC code not working

I have just moved from 3 to iD and want to keep my old number. I rrcuever my PAC code from 3 and entered it to the iD app. The app gave me an error message saying the code is not valid. 

I then entered my PAC code online via the website. Shortly after I received a text saying that some of the information I provided was incorrect (I'm 99.9% sure it was correct).

The text had a link to

When I clicked the link I get a page not found error message on iD website. 

I've tried calling customer services but the call centers are all closed. 

What do I do now?

The iD app pointed my towards the iD Community for help. Any one that actually works for iD on here or is it just customers? 

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Hi @Paigeyd96,


If you have a PAC code from your old network (anyone but a PAC code from us) and you want to bring it into our network, that’s form you should be filling out.



Hi, I filled out this form before I realised I could have just done it on the app. I did try again on the app but said it was either the wrong number or PAC code but I just want to know if it was okay to fill out this form or not? I want to keep the same number 


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Hi @rosska85,

We are sorry to hear about those issues. Our Live Chat Team may show as closed however this may be due to a high number of contacts and they do open again for new chats soon after.

The date of birth issue is caused by whoever enters it at the point of sale as we receive a copy of what was entered so if this was bought via a Carphone Warehouse store, they must have made a typo.

We will send you a PM now to help further with your submission.


I’m having a similar problem.

I purchased a phone via Carphone Warehouse on Thursday the 26th of November 2020 and gave them my PAC code over the phone and was told my number would transfer on Monday the 30th of November 2020. Here we are on the 2nd of December and my number still hasn’t transferred.

I tried manually entering the details in the app to transfer the number in case it hadn’t actually been submitted but I’m getting told either my phone number or PAC code are incorrect (they aren’t).

I can’t contact customer services because apparently at 2PM on a Wednesday they are closed…. 

Bad enough you guys had my date of birth wrong but now this too? Not impressed so far at all. 

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Hi there @JackTarnai 

We’ve removed the images with your mobile number visible so no prying eyes can hassle you on that.


Regarding porting your number though.

If you’ve registered your existing account already.  Then you should be able to log in and provide your number and PAC (code).

PAC’s are only valid for 30-days though, so you may need to check that is still in date if that’s potentially an issue.


The other common issue could be that we did in fact receive the request already.  Though by now the port should have completed if that’s the case.

Have things changed since you originally posted?

I might of followed the instructions incorrectly and filled out the wrong form, I think I filled out a form online but I think it might of been a form asking to join ID mobile/get a ID mobile sim?

However, straight away after doing this I realised what I had done and found the correct form by downloading the ID mobile app and filled it in. However, as you can see it’s not working.

if that makes any sense? I don’t know what to try next or what to do? I need to keep this old number as it is very important.


Thanks in advance,


Hi, please can someone help me.


I have just got an iPhone 12 Pro and I having difficulty transferring my old number to ID mobile.


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Hi @Thomasmillard 

I have responded via private message. 



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Why can pac code not work currently???

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Hi @Jeejee01 



Are you still having difficulties transferring your number or has this been resolved? 





i am facing problem in transferring my old number 07718183266 to id mobile net work.

id network is saying either my mobile number or PAC CODE IS wrong I confirmed with 3 mobile and their is no mistake.

my PAC code is HTG831765 and valid until 11/04/2020.

PLEASE help to transfer my phone number as you system is not working.


Haider Hassan

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Hi @Dave Dastardly 


I’m sorry for the confusion you have faced but I am glad you have already spoken to a colleague.


Do let us know if this doesn't transfer over within the next 24hrs and we can look into this further for you

Kind regards,

Richard C

Hi Richard


I spoke with a member of iD customer service. They advised me to wait a few days and see if it processes. 

My confusion comes from the fact that I received a text from iD saying that it HAD been processed and the information was incorrect. 

My old network confirmed that iD had used the PAC so they could no longer offer any support. 


Kind regards


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Hi @Dave Dastardly 


Are you still having difficulties transferring your number or has this been resolved? 


Kind regards,

Richard C