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Sim not working after number transfer

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On 3 April, I activated my new iD sim and used the calls and data normally with no issues.
A few hours after (still 3 April), I requested to move my old giffgaff number over.
My iD sim worked normally until sometime between 10:45am and 12noon on 4 April.
At this point the giffgaff sim disabled and the iD sim stopped working properly, and I received an error popup for iD Sim stating "sim 1 not provisioned".

To clarify what "not working properly"
1. Unable to dial any phone number - I get a message saying "the number you have called has not been recognised" (even for known active numbers that work on other phones)
2. With wifi ON, the notification bar displays "H" data signal
3. With wifi OFF, I have no data signal (the area on the notification bar where you would expect to see H, G, 3G or 4G, is blank)
4. I can recieve calls to my old number so I assume the number transfer has at least partially gone through and the iD sim is connected to the iD network.

What I have done so far to resolve this, with no success
- restart my phone repeatedly
- reseat the iD sim in slot 1
- remove the old giffgaff sin from slot 2
- disable slot 2
- reactivate slot 2 and move iD sim to slot 2
- manually check the Access Point Names information (all correct)
- force the phone to manually connect to iD network (although it was already automatically connecting to iD network)

My phone - Motorola one (dual sim)
Android 9

Can anyone suggest any other fixes or provide any help? I've been on hold it iD helpline for over an hour and gave up, and the live chat isn't working at the moment

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Hi @Colouredcrayon

This things happen when porting the number from one network to another, it usually takes 2-3 working days for everything to go back to normal. Since you requested your port on Wednesday you should have everything up and running again on Monday at the latest.

I have ported my number from Three to Giffgaff and then from Giffgaff to ID and each time I was offline for around 3 days.

Kind Regards
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Thanks, I've moved my number numerous times over the last 20 years and never had an outage of longer than an hour or so as the changeover happens...So this is pretty appalling service if my issues are as you say, caused by the changeover.
Thanks for your reply though
Im having the same problem
I'm having the same problem, when I called to transfer my number they said that the transfer should be completed by the end of the day at least.
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Same issue I’m having. Used the PAC code on the evening of the 2nd. Went into Carphone Warehouse this morning. Apparently ID decided to do a compete system upgrade during the week and everything went down for 24 hours. Looks like all the inward porting has been delayed for longer than normal
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Exactly the same here. Received new phone & SIM on 2nd, immediately got pac from three over the phone, followed all steps correctly. Still stuck with a duff phone that can only receive incoming calls when connected to wifi. Nothing outbound at all.

Chat tech support doesn't know anything but knows there's a problem with ported numbers. Seems Dragonaxe is more in the know than the 'support' team! They said it should be resolved in 24 hours, but that's the usual fob off from chat support.
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I’m not holding out much hope. But the customer service dept is open from 10am tmw apparently
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Ugh. Well, on the bright side, the chat guy said that we'd be due a credit on the account for days it wasn't working. I expect we'll need to fill in a form in triplicate and post it in though! 🙂
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My account has just started working 🎉 Hang in there everyone!
I have a similar issue. I use a Wileyfox Swift 2+ dual SIM phone, which has been working well for me until I transferred to iD. The problem is that when I select the other SIM (Tesco, i.e. O2) as the data provider SIM in settings, the iD SIM loses its connection to the network (the SIM just doesn't work at all). If I switch data to the iD SIM everything works fine. The thing is, the iD SIM has a smaller data bundle and, in any case, it would be good to be able to switch so I can take advantage of the data on both contracts. The old SIM (on EE) worked fine with the Tesco SIM, but not the iD SIM. I have even gone so far as replacing the Tesco SIM in case it is faulty, but that didn't work. So what is going on?
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Hi Junkmale, this is an odd issue. Does your iD SIM work perfectly well when it's selected as the data provider or if the other SIM is disabled?

Have you tried swapping the SIM's around in the slots in case it makes a difference?

Yes, the only way to get both SIMs to connect to their networks is by selecting the iD SIM as the data SIM. If you select the Tesco SIM the iD SIM stops working altogether (no connection to the network). Swapping the SIMs' slots makes no difference.
I've also tried doing a full factory reset of the phone and it also made no difference.

One thing I did notice is that although I ported over a phone number to the iD SIM last Friday, the old number (i.e. the one that came with the SIM) still appears in the iD app. I wonder if that's a potential issue?
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Hi Junkmale, it's unlikely that the wrong number will be an issue as the SIM should still be connected if the phone can support it.

If the SIM works as expected when active for data then it's reasonable to think it's working fine so no changes there would help.

This is most likely to be a phone issue but it's odd that you wouldn't have it with a previous network SIM, it could be to do with the different bandwidths the networks run on which could mean the phone is unable to maintain both connections.

iD Mobile uses 800MHz and 1800MHz bands for 4G, as well as the 2100MHz band for 3G.

Ok, I have exactly the same issue with my Moto dual SIM. After doing some digging and research I have found the answer. ID only use 3/4G network connections this basically makes the ID network useless for most dual SIM phones. This is because as soon as you switch your other SIM on for data the ID SIM drops to 2G and stood working. If you have 2 SIMs and only use ever use data on ID you will be ok otherwise avoid ID like the plague.
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Have you updated your phone.
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Update your phone
It's not the phone, it's up to date and worked perfectly with my previous networks. All other combinations of different SIM's and service work, only when data is switched to the other SIM then the ID SIM stops working.
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Hi @Marcusatwork, as we are a Virtual Network that run's on Three's infrastructure. We are only compatible with phones that connect to us on a 3g or higher signal.

We're happy you've found answers at least for the problem that was nagging at you here though.
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Hi all,

I am having similar problems. 

I requested my number port late on Monday evening.

I recieved my text saying it had completed on Wednesday morning, but since then my phone has not been able to detect my sim. 

I have checked the sim in other devices and it is doing the same. I have cleaned, reset, checked phone settings etc.

How long did it take for your devices to recognise the sim? 

Did it require a new sim? 


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Hi @Just_jo,

We’re sorry to hear about this issue! A number port should not cause the SIM card to stop working so it is a strange issue. We’d need to check if the SIM card still matches the one on your account. Please can you contact our Live Chat Team here?

If you need further support after trying them, please let us know.



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