Data download not working in USA, calls and texts not working either.

  • 27 July 2019
  • 3 replies

I have switched off 4G and tried resetting network settings. Nothing works if I am not on WiFi. Phone thinks I am on AT&T with good signal.

3 replies

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Hi @MCL5691

Could you check if your roaming service is toggled on in the settings of your Account? You can do it by heading to "Services" tab in your iD Mobile app. Also make sure that your cap limit is sufficient as roaming in USA will be charged outside your allowances.

Kind Regards
Yes I checked that before posting
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Hey @MCL5691

In this case let's try these steps.

1.) Remove your existing APN setting and manually create new one by using details below

Name: iD
APN: id
Username: *
Password: *

MMS Proxy:
MMS APN Username: *
MMS APN Password: *
MMS Port: 8799

* anything with * should be left blank

After you save new details just reboot your handset.

2.) If solution above doesn't solve your enquiry then maybe you could try to connect to T-Mobile instead of AT&T.?

3.) Are you able to swap your SIM to a different handset to see if it will work there? Are you using dual SIM phone where iD is in SIM2 slot?