Data roaming

  • 17 November 2018
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I have a IPhone 6 and am unable to access data roaming in France. Apparently it is to do with the APN setting which I am unable to change as ID do not have agreements with the carriers to allow customers to change this manually. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution apart from changing phone provider?

4 replies

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Hi DottyP,

Which handset are you using at the moment?

As stated above it is a IPhone 6, did you not read the question fully?!!!
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Hi DottyP, apologies.

If you are able to connect to a network and calls and texts work ok this could indeed be an APN issue.
You'll need to make sure mobile data is active and also that data roaming is also allowed.

If this has been done but data still doesn't work, then we'd recommend you check in Settings > General > Profiles.
If there is any profile, likely related to a previous network, you'll need to delete this and then restart the phone.

This will hopefully allow the phone to apply the correct setting to work in France but if not, the next step would be to reset APN settings.
Let us know how this progresses for you.
ive been through all this before, it is a known issue in that ID needs to have an arrangement with the EU carriers that will allow IPhone users access to their APN settings to change them so they work abroad. If this is not going to be actioned I will have to change to another provider as I spend a lot of time one France.