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  • 7 June 2019
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How would ID Mobile handle calls to overseas numbers? I understand a person can “cap” out of bundle expenditure, but that’s planning to pay after the event... wouldn’t it be better to pre-pay an amount, say £10 for the sake of argument... which would be used (rolled over) until it expires. Then, top it up as necessary, it’d be easier to manage that way... at least for me it would.
maybe something like this exists already?... if it does, I’ve not been able to find it...

3 replies

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Hi Tbay, the cap that we offer covers this in some way as you can set it to almost any value.

If you set the cap at £10 and use some of that allowance, you'll simply be billed for it on your next bill.

It's not possible to pay this amount upfront as your normal monthly cost would be taken from any credit balance but we feel this is the best way to offer control on the account.


Similar problem: I received a message saying cap reached (not sure how but that’s another topic). As I’m in South America I need to be able to use phone when necessary so how can I solve problem? Cap is already £25 so cant raise it: have made special payment of £25 but this has not appeared in account yet. 

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Hi @pollian 

I caught your other post before this one.

But I’ve replied with some potential solutions here