Roaming Calls or SMS not working in Kazakhstan

  • 11 January 2019
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My mother went to Kazakhstan 2nd time now with ID Mobile, however 2nd time the phone is not working in Kazakhstan. !st time we thought her phone was too old, as she had a MOTO G3, this time she bought a Nokia 8, which is capable of picking up more networks. However still no calls or text in KZ, however both time 4g internet was working perfectly.

Can you please contact us as to how we can try resolving this issue?

6 replies

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Hey @Ganzic,

Has she enabled Roaming on the iD account?

She'll be able to do this by logging into the iD account to do this.

This needs to be done to allow any Roaming on the account.

When you're making outbound calls, you'll need to use the correct area dialling code.

So if you're ringing UK, then you'll need to use +44 instead of the 0.

Dear Mohammed,

I use always +44, however i simply get three tone when trying to dial, incomming calls and sms dont come through either.

We have enabled roaming online, I tried switching it off an on to no avail.
I have signed up with ID mobile as it was advertised to be roaming in Kazakhstan, this seems to be untrue.
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Hi @Ganzic,

Our customers do have the roaming capability whilst in Kazakhstan, and it should be working given that the phone can connect to 4G at least.

Is your mother still in Kazakhstan? If so, can you ask her to try a manual network selection from within the phone settings and ensure that the phone connects to the Beeline network?

She might find that it's currently connected to either JSC ALTEL or Comfone and this network only allows a data connection and does not allow calls or texts.


We tried all networks manally, she was connected by default to Beline, we tried others , but the phone failed to register on those networks, Altel and Comfone are not visible.
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Hi @Ganzic,

Is your mother still in Kazakhstan? If so, are you able to ask her to try the SIM card in another phone, and then perform a manual connection to the Beeline network, once done give it another go and see if the calls and texts start to work. The phone may require a restart after doing this to reconnect fully.