Roaming in Scotland

  • 28 July 2020
  • 3 replies

When I am in the north west of Scotland my phone switches to roaming. It wasn’t a problem when we were on holiday but we plan to move there. Is there any reason why the signal it was trying to connect to counted as roaming rather than UK? I live in England and my account is UK registered.

3 replies

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Hi there @Bayf 

What part of Scotland specifically is this that you’re in?  Do you happen to have a postcode for where you expect to be moving to?

I know if for instance you were out at sea (and unable to connect to UK phone masts) that you would likely then be classed as roaming, simply due to there being no coverage by UK masts in certain places. 

We’re looking along the coast from Ullapool northwards, so IV21, 22, 23, 26 & 27. We don’t have a definite yet, still looking. The signal flits between UK and roaming. 

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Hi @Bayf,

Do you have a specific postcode that we are able to check the coverage for?

It may be that your SIM is unable to connect to the nearest mast to that area which is causing this issue.

What network shows when your handset is showing as roaming?