Contract Phone Broken

  • 30 June 2020
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I have an Iphone 6S on a 24 month contract. I have had it for barely a Year and there is a major issue with it. Within 2 mins of usage, a warning appears on the screen stating that the temperature is too hot and needs to be cooled down. I initially thought it must be software related and decided to close all apps that are running in the background, after this didn’t work i deleted a large volume of apps, switched it off and on again (rebooted it), made sure the device was running the latest software update and reset all setting. Unfortunately, everything i tried did not work, so i came to the conclusion that the problem must be hardware related. This problem has made my phone unusable as i cant even make a phone call as the overheating stops me from. So what should i do next, am i able to get the phone replaced or repaired since it still on contract for another year? Thank You. E.P.Sabu

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Hi @E.P.Sabu,

We are sorry to hear about this issue. It sounds as though you have tried a lot of troubleshooting already in order to resolve the issue. I feel that the next step is a potential repair of the device. Apple phones come with 12 months warranty so if you can take the phone into a Carphone Warehouse store, they can book in the repair under the warranty of the handset.

Alternatively, you can contact Apple directly and ask for them to take in the phone for a warranty repair also.