Phone saying I'm on another line when I'm not

  • 24 August 2020
  • 6 replies

My phone is saying To callers I’m on another line whenever They try to phone, which I’m not, and is not letting me know when they are incoming calls 

6 replies

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Hello @Amymiller376,

By creating the topic in the iOS section I take it this is an iPhone you’re using?

Which iPhone is it?


How long has the issue been ocurring and is this on any call or just specific numbers?

Have you tried restarting your phone?



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I am having this problem an it has reached a point that it causeing me trouble an stress my phone saying I on another line wen I am not y would it do that mainly to one number somtimes to others aswell it say I on another line wen I am asleep or not even in same room as it but it say I on another line for hours somtimes even wen it in my bag or not in use I get a text to say person trying to reach me somtimes bu it stil hav said I on another line it driving me mad somtimes it havent even rang bu I got missed call an it was diverted to answer service without me knowing as I hadn't done that either this is a  Samsung A70 phone it rings most the time but it saying I am on it and I am in no way at all useing it at the time it saying I am 

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Hi @Thetimekeeper,


Are you noticing drops in signal in the areas where this is happening at all? Is your data stable?



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hi yes i an loseing signal alot 

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my data  i had it checked an 3 say it fine so is my signal  but it is not stable it very unstable  can hardly get a signal at times with my phone data or my wifi connection from sky who also checked it to say it fine to no repairs in area or any prob with phone data or wifi but it cuts off constantly it always reconnecting  aswell

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Hi @Thetimekeeper 

We are sorry to hear you are having this issue with the signal. So we can determine if this is a sim or phone fault, please can you try the sim in another phone and check to see if you are still having the issue?

We look forward to hearing from you.