Sim card "invalid"

  • 2 July 2018
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This all started today over a period of half an hour.

I get a call from a number I have never known, they claim too have gotten a missed call from me, however in my call history on my iPhone I can see I did NOT call this number.

This "scenario" repeats itself 4 more times.

My Phone then gives me a message "Sim card invalid" and now whenever I put the sim card into the phone it claims there is no Sim inserted.

I do not know if these two incidents are related, they happened at the same time. I DID NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO MY PHONE OR THE SETTINGS ON MY PHONE PRIOR TO THE PROBLEMS, NOR DID I CHANGE ANY SETTINGS IN MY iD ACCOUNT.

Any help would be much appreciated as I now cannot send/receive texts and send/receive calls. Also there is no change in the iD app telling me something is not working correctly. It all looks normal and usage numbers for any data,texts or calls look correct.


Also is there no "ticket" system? I spent a while looking for an alternative to speak to an iD employee after live chat closing hours (of course that is when the incident occurs).

1 reply

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Hello @Wardino,

We're disappointed to hear this has happened and it's certainly very odd indeed.

It's entirely possible and coincidental that there is a coverage problem in your area around the same time which has led to a loss of services.

It's something we may need to look into more.

We do have a ticket system, which is internal where we can raise tickets on accounts for issues that need to be looked into further by a 2nd line team.

We can also be reached over Social Media via Facebook/Twitter where we respond to queries from 8AM - 8PM on weekdays.

Would it be possible for you to get in touch with our team there so we can investigate this odd occurrence and get to the bottom of it?

Be sure to let them know you were directed there by myself from the Community.