Unlocking my phone

  • 20 May 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi, i have upgraded in the last month or so and now have a Google Pixel 3 but i want to use my old iPhone 6s as a work phone on a different network. How do i do this?

3 replies

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Hi @ermower

If you have purchased your IPhone 6s with iD Mobile or through Carphone then you can contact Live Chat team and request unlock. Here is the link to find all the details.

Kind Regards.
Hi, I just did this, I provided them with the IMEI Number and before i was told if they had done anything they dissconnected my chat. Really not impressed with this customer service.
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Hi @ermower,

This doesn't sound good! I can't see a reason for our team disconnecting the chat like this. Please can you send us an email to so we can make sure the request was processed fully?