Wifi / Sim problem

  • 23 May 2020
  • 3 replies

I have an iPhone XS Max and I’ve been with iD for 3 years now. 

the past few months I’ve been having a random issue with the WiFi on my phone which I’ve had to toggle on and off just to get things to refresh or load. There’s been no WiFi problems in general with my other devices. 

in some cases my calls fail and drop but I thought it was just from one part of the house. Now, none of my calls will go through or come in at all. 

ive reset my phone 3 times, reset the network settings, toggled the airplane mode, WiFi and mobile data. The call doesn’t even say failed it just shows a blank calling screen with no ringing. Other people who call me say it rings but doesn’t go through. 

Yesterday I removed and re-inserted my SIM card which made it work but the problem reappeared and I don’t even notice until l try to call someone so I don’t even know if anyone is trying to reach me. I did the same thing today and it’s working so it must be something with my sim? 

I also called #31# which didn’t do anything. Please help!!

3 replies

And yes I have checked the coverage in my area which says ‘Excellent’ 

reading some more posts on this forum I feel like I’m not the only one. I need a solution ASAP because this is unacceptable. Otherwise I will be looking to switch. 

Does it say not registered on network for you aswell?

It doesn’t say anything at all actually just doesn’t ring