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  • 14 March 2021
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I have a Pay Monthly contract which unfortunately is outside of the cooling off period.

Despite the iD Mobile coverage checker saying “Good Service” in my area I am unable to get any signal in my house or the local area.

I am going to purchase a PAYG card from o2 and use that in my phone, but to do that I need to move my mobile number to o2. I also need to keep the contract with iD Mobile to retain my monthly payments.

I’ve requested a PAC code, but it says that when I move the number my contract will be cancelled and I have to pay the whole balance. Is there an option to move my number to o2, and then have another number assigned to the iD Mobile SIM? I have the S21 so can use two SIM cards.

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Hello @samru,

Unfortunately, if you port the number out of the network, this will cancel the contract. There isn’t a way to move the number across to a different contract and re-apply a different number to the old plan.

Where did you purchase the contract from?

iD Mobile purchases have a 30-day returns if you purchased from us directly. Or are you outside of this?