My PAC code has expired, how do I request a new one?

  • 2 April 2020
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Hi my contract ended and I did not use my pac in time. It expired yesterday and I totally forgot.  Problem is i can now no longer request a new code because my contract has ended so I do not have full use of the app and my number is no longer in use. Can i still get a new Pac code from ID mobile  somehow? Thanks alot Dave

4 replies

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Hi @David88 


How did you request your PAC? If you requested it via the app or via texting PAC to 65075 then you should be able to request a new one again through one of those methods as you contract wont terminate until the PAC is given to a new provider.


Let me know how you get on - take a look at this link here and see if this helps, if you still need assistance don’t hesitate to message again :) 


Rich C

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Hi @David88 

Sorry to hear you are leaving us. 

You can also request a PAC by sending a text. 

Full details can be found  Here

Hope this helps. 



Hi thanks for your reply. I cannot text using my I'd mobile sim as it has been disconnected as I ended my contract.  It was a pay monthly sim if that helps at all. Thanks dave

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Hello @David88,


Apologies for the delayed response here, did you manage to get this sorted?


You can’t have a disconnection active & a PAC code at the time time.


You either requested a 30-day disconnection, in which case the contract has now been cancelled and number lost


You requested a PAC code and never used it, therefore the contract should be active still and you’ll continue to be charged.


PAC codes only trigger a cancellation of the account once it has been used. Therefore, until then (or if unused) your contract will remain active.