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Requested PAC code before following returns process

  • 25 June 2022
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I requested a pac code within my 14 days signal guarantee/ cooling period, whichever you want to call it as I had zero signal in my house and wasn't receiving any txt, calls etc. When advised by someone to check my SIM status it was -115  dBm and according to internet anything over -85 is classed as unusable service. I then returned my handset to carphone warehouse within Currys where I got it and was told I would be charged for the day's the SIM was active. Fine, I thought no problem but I received a final bill today for £770.70, this is completely unacceptable and unreasonable as my contact was for £31.99 a month and I would appreciate someone contacting me to resolve this asap! 

6 replies

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Sounds like a crazy situation @AngeB.

Don’t delay, use the iD Live Chat service for immediate assistance.

If chat doesn't work on your smartphone, try another device like a tablet, iPad or laptop.

You can also chat with iD Mobile using facebook or Twitter.

Just remember that iD agents work between 9am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm weekends. Outside these times you’ll get an automated reply.

Good luck!


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Hi @andewhite thank you for your reply. I tired the live chat and according to whoever I spoke to he believes it's a completely justified charge as I requested the code before returning the phone. 

770.70 are they for real??!!

Obviously this was not explained when I got the phone and I cannot find a copy of the terms and conditions anywhere. The 2 ppl in carphone warehouse just told me id did a 2 week signal guarantee and if I had any issues I could just return no problem.

I've clicked through every link I can find the on the internet and nothing says I needed to return the handset first. 

I have had to lodge a formal complaint as I was getting nowhere on the chat he just kept repeating I requested the code before returning the phone as if this was answer enough as to my ridiculously huge final bill. 🤯


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You should’ve followed the cancel and return process.

Asking for a PAC will not exempt you from any early cancellation payment, if you requested the PAC before returning the handset.

The 14 day cooling off period is for you to cancel and return.



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Did you use the PAC before you started the cancel & return process?

The timing of these two things will be key.


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Hey @AngeB 


In this case @andewhite is correct, we have the returns process in place so that these charges can be avoided/waived. If you are to cancel via requesting and using the PAC code as far as we’d be able to see on our side it just looks like you’re taking your number to another network and cancelling the contract, not returning it. Please let us know if you’d like us to look into your case and account so that we can see if anything can be done here!



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Thanks for your responses, after I lodged the formal complaint an agent called me back on Monday after looking into it all and has managed to resolve my issue! 

It turns out I only owed the money for the days the sim was active, just as I had been advised by carphone warehouse staff.

In terms of following the cancel and returns process as you advised, I have still yet been the unable to track this down even after numerous searches on the Id mobile, carphone warehouse and curry's websites. I didn't even get these sent to me when I took out the contract. (On a side note I have had all this information sent to me by my new provider the day I got my new phone.) So I simply followed the advise given to me by the staff where I got the phone as a had no other reference to go off 🤷

However my issue is now thankfully fully resolved so thanks again for your time.






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