Cant make or receive calls

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My phone has suddenly stopped receiving and making calls. I have 5G but when I make a call the network drops and the call fails. I can send and receive text messages though 🤷‍♀️! Anyone else had this problem? 

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Yes we also have the exact same issue, even though the status checker says no reported issues in the area.

I think I need to bin this network on e and for all

Cart ring out or in

I have had exactly the same problem over the last week or two. Has anybody got a solution?

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Hi @Rob Cherry,

I can see that we have responded to you elsewhere.

If you require further assistance, please get back to us here.



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Okay @Alison Carter, @Bod Hickman, @Malcolm Walker, @Rob Cherry - are you in the Midlands area where Three UK have turned off their 3G network? 

If you are, then performing a NETWORK RESET may help.

Otherwise, try turning off your handset, removing the SIM card, wait 10-minutes, insert the SIM card, and restart your handset.