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  • 23 January 2024
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I have just changed my plan from a monthly contract to a pay monthly sim at £12 for 75gb yesterday. However it says on my remaining allowances dashboard I only have 12gb and I have already used 10gb of this and have received a text to tell me I’ve used 80% Why is it not showing the correct allowance? 


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4 replies

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The allowance is proportioned according to the point-in-time your new 75GB started plan with your monthly iD account billing cycle.

The full allowance should be shown when your next billing period begins, @laurenalex2995.

The “What happens if I change my plan or upgrade?” section of this article might help in this situation.

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Hi @laurenalex2995 


I believe the above from @andewhite is correct in this case, if you’ve upgraded mid billing cycle, you’ll get the allowance according to how long is left in the month.



Iv just renewed my contract and been given wrong tariffs I should have unlimited on data text and calls but on my app account it says 100gb data and unlimited text and calls Please help thanks 

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Hey there @Andrewarc11, we’re sorry to hear that. 


What tariff are you on, and what tariff did you request please?


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