Fraudulent account set up with my name and address

  • 18 December 2020
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Hi Ihave gotten a Letter through my letter box with my name & correct address

all Accounts stated on the letter were not set up be myself.

I’m not an ID Mobile user but I have just received a letter which claims an account has been set up in my name. Please can you cancel the contract immediately. 

Kind regards.

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4 replies

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A member of iD Mobile will get back to you shortly

In the meantime please report this type of suspect fraud or identity theft to the police!

Please keep copies of all letters and envelopes for future reference

Am not on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network and keep up with security details, computers unto date on software - would like help on this asap to prevent charges as I don’t do phone contracts either or 3G,4G or 5G. I only have a PAYG phone that I make 2,3 maybe 4 or 5 calls even in a month-am hoping that it wont be necessary to have to go down the legal route to recoup false costs which could get very expensive for retailer - As I say I don't do any twitters, facebooks or any high exposure Media platforms .Need help on this asap ?

Have been in touch with Law as a start but need help from IDmobile to nip this in the bud asap ?

Thanks -awaiting reply

Its been 2 days 14 hrs.Still awaiting a proper reply . Get in touch asap ? am going to start on other forums and boards to let others know of IDmobile bad service and review sites which also needs to reflect back to cardfone warehouse swell .Need help ?

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Hi @bedslat,


We’ve sent you a Private Message now to discuss this further with you and have it logged appropriately.