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How do I buy a straightforward PAYG SIM without ANY monthly payments etc.

  • 25 June 2022
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I am buying my fist smartphone (a OnePlus Nord CE unlocked) as it seems you need one for various things these days. I am a very light user of my current VERY old handset, with Tesco PAYG.

I am increasingly frustrated by the lack of information of this ID Mobile website, same with Giffgagg. I just want an old fashioned PAYG SIM with NO monthly payments, NO bundles, NO minimum requirement to spend X amount of money or my number is cancelled etc. etc.

Do you not offer these? Because you certainly don’t say how to get one if you do. And the ONLY way I can ask, it seems, is on this forum - no email given, no “contact us”.

4 replies

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Most UK operators PAYG SIM plans require that you do something chargeable every 180 days or 6 months otherwise the SIM is deactivated.

To get started with iD, choose a 1-month PAYG SIM plan - I don’t think you’re obliged to top-up every month.

Same with giffgaff.

Once your bundle expires, you’ll need some credit on your account in order to use the SIM, otherwise that’s it.

Finally, there’s only 100% online support with iD Mobile - no telephone support.

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Hey @SteveK 


@andewhite has pretty much covered all bases there! If you decide to come with us make sure you use the SIM at least once every 6 months or it’ll be disconnected. Let us know if you need anything else!



OK, thanks. I think I’ll be going elsewhere.

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No worries, @SteveK, hope you find what you’re looking for!




Why iD Mobile?