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I've had no network coverage for the last two days, does anyone know why?

  • 30 April 2022
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I’ve been with ID mobile for just over a year now and never had any issues in the area I live for signal (BN3)

The last few days I’ve had no network coverage at all.

I’ve turned my phone off and on a few times, taken my sim out and put it into a different phone and it’s the same issue; no network coverage.

Please can someone advise me on what I should do next?


Thanks so much!


6 replies

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Hi Lucy,

You can check for network related issues in your area by entering your postcode here.

Hi there! Yeah I’ve been checking using this their coverage checker tool every day, there’s supposedly full coverage. It’s completely baffling. 

Thanks though!

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Your account payments are up to date right? Best speakto a live agent here. They will be able to check that it isn't account related and they will also have access to service status information us customers don't have.

Yeah all up to date, thanks for the link! I just spoke to someone and they’re sending out a new sim for me as it seems like this one has become faulty.


Thanks so much for your help Paul!

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Given that it's a bank holiday weekend you're unlikely to receive the new SIM until next Wednesday at the very earliest. If you don't want to wait, call in to your local Curry's and they will give you a replacement there and then, but be warned, it will cost you a fiver for the privalige. 

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Hey @Lucy Palmer, just checking in to see if your new SIM has helped with this at all?


Thank you,



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