Paid monthly for unlimited data, text and calls. Have data but no text or phone

  • 30 April 2024
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I paid my monthly charge for unlimited data, text and calls.

I have data but I cannot make calls or send text messages. It been like this for a few weeks.

I get a message stating I need to top up with cash. Although I should not have to do this with unlimited plan. But I have tried many times to top up with cash only to be told oops please try again or some message like it.

I have waited for this upgrade but not sure it working as cannot phone out or text.

I tried going into Curry's store but was turned away as I bought the SIM directly from ID Mobile and was not a Curry's customer.

Does anyone know why I am not able to call out or send text messages?

I can receive calls and SMS messages but cannot make any myself.

Is there a dispute between ID Mobile, Carphone Warehouse and Curry's?

I got no idea why this month my phone appears to be useless. I really need to call out but not able to and it been very frustrating not to be able to talk to a human to resolve this issue.

Can anyone help?




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Hi @JakeHock 


There isn’t a dispute between Currys and iD Mobile, they just in store won’t have access to your account directly, the most they can really do is give general advice, provide a replacement SIM or sell you a plan, they can’t make changes to your account and if you are having such issues with your account, you’re best speaking to the network.


With this being an upgrade, are you on the same SIM you’ve had previously or using a new one we may have sent?


Are your bills paid and up to date?