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     Hi. I already have a pay monthly plan with ID, but I would also like to get a PAYG  SIM mainly for International calls, since my pay monthly plan is quite expensive for it. My phone supports dual SIM, so I thought I’ll have a secondary PAYG SIM for calling only. My problem: as opposed to most phone operators,  it seems that I can’t buy an ID Mobile PAYG SIM without any plan attached to it and use it only for what I want. Or can I? My current setup is: main ID SIM providing data and secondary O2 PAYG SIM used for voice calls. Can I somehow swap the O2 SIM for a second ID SIM, without buying a plan every month, just paying the price of my International calls? Thank you. 


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You'll need to purchase a bundle when you order your PAYG SIM. It will be an allowance for 30 days, not credit. You can top-up and your credit will be used as PAYG once your bundle allowance is used up or expires.

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Hi @Aloha76 


With our PAYG SIMs you’ll purchase a bundle alongside it, however once that bundle runs out you’ll also be able to just top it up if you don’t want to purchase a new bundle.