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Problem with the 1p payment

  • 8 October 2021
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I can’t seem to get past the 1p payment and I don’t really understand why because I received a notification from my bank telling me that the payment was successful and that 1p had been withdrawn from my bank account.

Does someone have any idea why?


Thank you in advance,



Best answer by andewhite 8 October 2021, 20:04

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6 replies

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Hello @Arthur.D, I assume this is happening when you’re applying for a pay monthly contract?

If so, perhaps there’s an issue with the credit check that iD request when accepting new customers.

Anyway, good luck. 

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Another possibility could be that there’s an address mis-match between what you’ve submitted to iD and the address on file with the bank in question.

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Previously iD agents in this forum have advised this issue typically occurs when the card/address details mismatch. Does the address you gave iD exactly match the address registered for the payment card?

Hi @andewhite,

First, thank you for your answer. This is not for a pay monthly contract but a pay as you go one.

However, you’re right and the issue may come from the fact that my billing address is not the same as my card address. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to fix it because I am currently a student and am using an online bank account, my address for that account (and therefore my credit card) is not in UK.

Do you have any idea on how I could solve this issue please?

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Hello @Arthur.D,

Your best option will probably be to visit a Currys or Carphone Warehouse and purchase an iD PAYG in-store. Hopefully that’ll work for you.

Anyway, good luck. 

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Hi @Arthur.D,


With the circumstances you have described in your last post, our systems wouldn’t allow a purchase online due to our internal security checks. This is the problem you’re currently experiencing.


We’re sorry that a fix for this cannot be provided. As @andewhite has suggested, the best bet is to pop into store.




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