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restart bundle

  • 26 June 2022
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My data has ran out and I want to restart my bundle early how do I do this please?i can’t find it on the app or any information regarding this thanks

5 replies

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Have you tried calling 7777 from your iD handset?

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Yes but I can’t get through to actually speak to anyone I’ll have to try tomorrow or use the chat service provided which proves difficult when your at work with no internet, this is so annoying I don’t understand why you can’t just top up and start a new bundle like I use to be able to with giff gaff I think I’ll be leaving ID mobile after this 

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Well like giffgaff, there’s no telephone support with iD - iD help and support is 100% online.

Being able to queue your next bundle is a nice feature at giffgaff. Shame iD don’t have something similar.



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Yea they definitely need to introduce something, for some reason I’ve been given 23gb of data this morning so that will do be until it resets now on its own thanks 

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Hey @Laurie Dawson 


You should be able to purchase another bundle should you need one on the iD Mobile App, have you tried this?




Why iD Mobile?