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upgrade ,do I need to insert the new sim

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I have upgraded my current plan to pay monthly 12 months. ie £5  The new sim is in the post, but i cannot physically access because I am in hospital. The new plan is unlimited phone calls unlimited txt and 3 gb gata.

The app shows unlimited  calls and txts but the data  is 1.5 of 1.8gb 

Do I have to physically insert the new sim as mins txts are ok but not data and/or will the data 

will get updated automatically to 3gb I also bought a £6 addon for more mins as i thought I might run out,

but with hindsight that was not really required. Do I assume that was a waste as I was not sure how

long the upgrade would take effect plus not sure if I had to put in the new sim to activate the

calls/txt and data. Could I get a refund on the £6 or is that discretionary and how would I get in contact

if that was allowed.


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With regards to the SIM, if your existing iD SIM fits in your handset, carry on using it.

The iD app will eventually reflect your upgraded allowances etc.

Good luck!

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Hi @roger123, as long as you’ve definitely upgraded and not placed an order for a new line, you can just carry on using the old SIM. Double check your order confirmation email to see if it mentions the word ‘upgrade’.

If you’ve switched part-way through your billing cycle, then you’ll receive a pro-rata data allowance.

For example, if you moved from a 5GB plan to a 10GB plan half-way through your billing cycle, you’d receive a pro-rata data allowance of 7.5GB. You’ll receive the full allowance as of your next full billing cycle.

Unfortunately, add-ons are not refundable. Sorry about that.


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