why cant I text competition numbers on a pay monthly contract

  • 6 March 2021
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I have a pay monthly contract at 43.99 a month and I’d like to be able to text competition numbers. It’s never worked and I’m assuming you have to top up for this ? But because I’m a pay monthly customer my account doesn’t give me an option to ‘top up’ and the add ones are just data and voice .. which I don’t need as I’m unlimited . I simply want to add £10 or so to be able to text competition numbers such as ‘Heart’ can someone please tell me how to go about this . 

1 reply

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Hello @cherisewoods,

Have you logged into the iD app/account and turned off the premium messaging bar?

This will stop you sending these texts.

You also need to ensure your spend cap is raised to allow this text to send.

Info on this here: