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Why has my bill almost doubled?

Not sure why my bill has almost doubled this month when I haven't gone over any limits 

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Hi @Moomers,

Have you had a look at the PDF copy of your bill which should be available from your iD online account? This will show you a break down of the charges that make up the total amount iD have charged you for your mobile service.

I did. The price has just changed from?£7 to £12.99 no additional charges or for data used.

And on the app it says my next month's bill is for £7

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The “Does the 2022 RPI increase apply to me?” section of the iD website page about contracts with a Retail Price Index clause states this:

But, perhaps iD have made a mistake.

Finding out requires access to your iD account. The quickest way to get access, is to speak with an iD agent using Live Chat.

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Hi @Moomers, your bill could be higher for a number of reasons, but to me, it sounds like you’ve recently changed your Direct Debit date. If that’s the case, your bill will be higher. For example, if you pushed it back by two weeks, then your latest bill would cover six weeks as opposed to the usual four, so it’d be quite a bit higher. 

Take a look at the Billing section of the iD Mobile app to see if it shows you the billing period for the bill in question. If you can see that it’s longer than your usual 30 days, then you have your answer. If you’re still not sure, I’d recommend contacting the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams.


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