Credit check for an upgrade?

  • 20 February 2020
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Hello can anybody tell me if you are credit checked to upgrade from a sim only deal to a handset? I've always believed that id didn't credit check for upgrades, but I've just been on live chat twice and was told off two different people that there will be a credit and internal security check when upgrading?

2 replies


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Hey @chrisbeeee93 


There is two things to consider regarding the credit checks.

When you are upgrading from 30 days rolling SIM Only deal where provider or you can cancel that service at any time to 24 months commitment where both parties need to fulfill their end of the bargains then credit check is required to determine this commitment can take place. 


When you are on 30 days rolling SIM Only deal and you would like to change it to a different 30 days Sim Only deal with more data or more minutes then there will be no need for credit check to be performed as you are have been previously accepted for this kind of contract. 


Look at it as increasing a limit on your overdraft or credit card, although you already have that with you bank with let's say £1000 limit and you just want to upgrade to £1500 limit, bank needs to run credit and internal checks to make sure you can afford to pay it off. It's the same with phone contract. Jumping from £10 a month to let's say £30 a month for 2 years require exactly the same checks as increasing your limit on a credit card or overdraft. 


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