Data has not rolled over!!!

  • 14 April 2020
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I have been a customer for the last 5 years. I upgraded my sim only deal to increase the amount of data that I receive. The sim in my phone stopped working as I was incorrectly sent a new one in the post. In order for me to use my phone I had to buy a replacement sim for £5 and waste my time going to two car phone warehouses. The data that should have been rolled over was 20gb, this has not been rolled over!!! Extremely annoyed and disappointed!!! 

3 replies

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Hi @Amanm11 

Sorry to hear your data didn't roll over. 

I have sent you a private message. 


my data is no rolled over. and I want speak whit somone who can check for me the best option to increase whit more data

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Hi @Alianka05,

I am sorry to hear that, did you have data left over before the allowances were due for renewal? Also, if you change a plan then data will not roll over until 1 full month on the plan has elapsed I’m afraid.