Difficulty Upgrading

  • 10 July 2019
  • 2 replies

I am having a lot of difficulty upgrading.

I am eligible for one, and select my phone and plan but it won't let me get past the "My Details stage.

I keep pressing continue but it takes me to this message at the top of the screen, every time:

"These details can't be edited at this stage as we need to use the information currently held on your account for eligibility purposes."

it also tells me to edit my Details, which I have and it's still not letting me proceed.

I just want my new phone:(

2 replies

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Hi @Llucysimo

Did you try contacting sales team by phone? You can speak to someone and get your upgrade this way. Number is 0800 049 0250.

Kind Regards
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Hello @Llucysimo,

Could you try calling our Sales Team as @Hikari mentioned? Let us know what happens and if you were able to place the order with them.

Our Sales Team can correct any errors on your account to process the order.