How do I Cancel an upgrade

  • 3 December 2019
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My original contract runs out in January 2020. I wish to cancel the upgrade contract and phone (I am in my cooling off period) The phone I can take to a local Carphone Warehouse. How do I cancel the new contract and just let my original contract come to an end.

1 reply

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Hello @geowar,


Just so I can understand correctly, your contract ends in Jan 2020 but you upgraded when you were eligible.

You’ve since changed your mind and wish to cancel your upgrade and move back to your previous contract and continue paying until your contract expires and can cancel?


Where did you purchase the upgrade?

If it was purchased via Carphone Warehouse, you have 14-days from the date of purchase to return this.

If it was purchased via iD directly, please email us on and we will look at this for you.