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How to upgrade using the app or My Account

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Hi @petey65 

When you upgrade you will automatically receive a new SIM with it , you can activate your new SIM on your new phone  or you can carry on using your old SIM.

This has everything you need to know about Activating your new SIM.

Let me know if you need any more information.



trying to upgrade phone for my son but payment will not process but takes 1p then stops. This has happened repeatedly and with different payment cards. can I upgrade or do I have to cancel contract and go elsewhere?

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Hi @petey65 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ll get someone to pick this up for you and they’ll contact you via PM shortly.


Due to upgrade soon, the phone I am looking at has an upfront charge. Is this still payable when upgrading or only when buying a new plan?

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Hello @Markrowan,

Upfront costs are paid at the point of upgrade checkout.

Monthly line rental is paid on your bill dates.