I want to upgrade my SIM and need some help

  • 15 October 2020
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I wish there was someone to talk with 😐 I wanted to upgrade my sim but didn’t know how to do it, so have bought another sim. So I don’t know:

a) will my existing plan stop and if so when?  b) do I just put the new sim in when it arrives or wait til my old sim ‘month’ is up?  c) how will I  keep my old number?

If anyone could advise, that’d be really helpful. Thanks.

1 reply

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Hello @Mollyj65,

I take it you’re on a handset contract and wanted to move over to SIM-only?

You can do this in the last 20-days of your contract by logging into the iD app/account.

Click My Account > Upgrade Now

Then find SIM-only and select the plan you’d like. Complete checkout and you’ll be upgraded to a SIM-only plan.

Your current plan in the app will just update and we’ll send a new SIM and you can activate and use that, which will keep your number and bill dates etc.


It sounds like you may have purchased a separate new SIM-only contract which is the incorrect process here. This will give you 2 numbers and it’s not possible to keep the number.


Can you log into the iD app/account and just check if the new plan is updated on there? If so, then you’ve correctly upgraded to SIM-only.

If not, then you’ve incorrectly ordered a new SIM-only contract and we’ll need to assist with sorting this.


Let us know so we can help further.