Moving from sim only contact to hand set deal

I recently moved from sim only to a hand set deal as an upgrade. I'm using the same SIM card. The ID app tells me that I have unlimited minutes and everything with my new contract. However I got a text last night saying that I had used my 500 minutes and every minute after would cost me 40p. Does this mean I'm still on my old tariff?

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Hi @Walsha

I am pretty sure that the text that you received has been generated automatically just before you upgraded your plan. When you do upgrade iD Mobile does all the bill adjustments on their side not to overcharge you.

Lets way wait for one of iD Mobile guys to give their input on this but I feel like you don't have anything to worry about here.

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Hey @Walsha,

If you log into your iD Mobile account either online or via our App, you should be able to view your remaining allowances in order to verify the information contained in the next.

If you don't see your new allowances, please let me know and we'll look into this further.