Retaining same phone number with new ID sim

  • 16 June 2020
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I purchased a new SIM card for my new mobile phone.   I submitted a PAC code (VTE 421352) to ID mobile on Friday to transfer phone number 07307 613370 to new phone (SIM card phone number 07988039329).   The SIM card is in my new phone but it is still registering as “No SIM CARD”.

I presume you will also cancel the contract on my existing SIM card (also from ID mobile) when the new SIM card becomes operative.

Do you have a facility for recycling old mobile phones?



3 replies

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Hi @markw 

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Are you transferring from iD Mobile to iD Mobile or from a different network to iD Mobile?

We can’t transfer your number from iD to the same network .A number can only be transferred from another network into iD mobile or vice versa.

Please click on how to cancel , it has everything you need to cancel your account.

"iD Mobile does not offer a facility to recycle your old phone, however, you can visit  Trade in where you should be able to carry this out.

Hope this helps.





So, if I am already with ID Mobile but need a new Sim, there is no way I can retain my phone number? But if I transfer to another networ and supply a PAC code number, I would be able to? That's a real shame. I don't want to change providers but would have to if I want to retain my mobile number with a new sim!!

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We can send a replacement SIM out with your existing number if you lose your SIM card or something, if that’s what you’re referring to @RayinKent?


If you want a new plan on an existing SIM card, you can process an upgrade.