Sim only to handset contract - how do I keep my number?

  • 26 June 2020
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I have just changed from sim only to a phone and sim bundle. How can I transfer my current id mobile number over to my new id sim card? 

I have tried a pac code however it says I can't transfer my id number across. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you 😊

1 reply

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Hello @Nikkitinker92,

When upgrading from SIM-only to a handset plan, this is done in the iD account/app.


The SIM sent with the device is blank and once activated, should swap over services to the new SIM.


Can you clarify if both SIMS are active with 2 different numbers?

It’s sounding like you may have purchased a new contract instead of upgrading.

It’s not possible to keep the number from an iD plan to another iD plan.


Can you confirm if you purchased a new contract or an upgrade?