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  • 22 February 2020
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I was offered an upgrade but decided to go Sim Only £6 a month. I was told old sim would work and new sim could be kept as a spare.  Now phone says Not registered on network. Chat says wait for new sim but that could be 3 days away(weekend). Should my old sim continue to work or wait for new sim. If I have to wait I may just cancel and go else where


5 replies

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Hey @Eborman 


Did you get a pop in information saying, when you logged in to the App? It would be  something like "Have you received your new SIM? If you received it and tapped "yes" then your old Sim will stop working and your new SIM will get activated. 


Kind Regards


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Not received new Sim. Phone stopped working same day I arranged to go Sim Only

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Hi there @Eborman.

We’re terribly sorry to hear what’s happened with your recent switch to a SIM-only plan.

Generally speaking, when doing an upgrade your old SIM would remain the one that's active unless you click a notification within the iD Mobile App to state you are now using any new SIM that has been dispatched to you.

Did any such notification pop up in the iD Mobile App?


If your new SIM arrives today, then you should find that it’s already active upon inserting it into your phone.  Furthermore though, if you would like to drop our office an email at:



If you include in that email: Your username here, your full name, address, date of birth, and your mobile number.  Feel free to add a link to this topic here too.

We’ll then be happy to add a small goodwill gesture credit to your account to make it so you’ve not been charged for those days you had no access to service.

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No Sim today Monday.  I did the upgrade via Chat and 7777

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Did any notification come up in your iD Mobile App after the purchase asking you if you had your new SIM?


Just found your email @Eborman.  We’ll reply to you there now.