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  • 6 September 2020
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I have just given up a live chat after 2 hours!

ID Mobile are offering an 8Gb plan for £8. I am on an 8Gb plan but I pay £10 per month. I would like to pay £8 instead of £10 but the app is not offering this as an option. I have had an absolute nightmare with the 2 people I was chatting with on the live chat. The first one started giving me advice on how to change the plan online (which I know how to do and had made very clear). I was then transferred to a 2nd operator who just kept sending "I'll be right with you" messages for about an hour!

I am at the point of just cancelling my plan and getting a contract elsewhere as I can't believe the terrible service the live chat is giving (and the fact that I've been paying more than I needed to for the plan I am on).

Is there a way I can change the plan on my existing number without the rigmorole of starting a new account just to get the lower price?





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Hi @Helling123, the plan may only be available to new customers. We can check this for you, though; I’ll drop you a private message shortly.


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Thanks Rory - I'll await your message.

I'll be disappointed if that is the case - it's very annoying when companies prefer to reward newcomers over loyal customers.


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Hi @Helling123, I’ve got back to your private message with the best tariff we have available for you. Just let us know and we can put you on it right away :)


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What is out of plan? I have used my text allowance yet it’s unlimited. I have sent 3 texts in the last two weeks to Europe @ 6 pence ago, I make that 18 pence in total where is my credit going?

Hi I renewed  my plan but it has not activated but took payment anyway

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Hey there @Alexander Mcewan, we’re very sorry to hear that. If you upgraded, then the new plan should take action within 30-60 minutes.


Your plan should definitely have taken over now, so if not, please do let us know, and we can investigate further for you.


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